March 29, 2014


Hails! Veligore is in its original line-up, we don’t have new members, nor old ones who have gone away. Veligore started long time ago as idea and concept that represents the dark side of human’s nature. It was born in our minds many years ago, as idea. Now the spirit has flesh.


Edgar Allan Poe, Elder Edda, Kalevala and many more..and the nature, of course.The contemplation of nature is the main thing which is inspires our lyrics.


Black Metal is the perfect form of music for people who wants to be free, people who are tired of hypocrisy and conformity of this sick world. For me, this is what I like in metal music, raw, venomous and wicked power, like a primal scream of newborn demon.


Veligore in old Russian folk demonology is the name of the teacher of the Satan, or Satanael when he was an angel, before his falling. Veligore made him the person he is now. We like this apocryphal alternative history. Also in slavic languages “Veli Gore” (велие горе) means “Great Sorrow”.


T shirts! Because it’s both a piece of art and very useful thing! Also we are planning make patches and possibly stickers.


We have several side projects. Some of them use gulag folklore music, other dark and noisy electronics, others include a theatric elements. However, now the main project is the Veligore project.


Veligore band has never played a live gig... yet. In near future we will play our first gig and I hope it will be look (and sound) like an occult ritual, which actually is what the Veligore music is about.


Yes, with our another projects. Germany, Finland, Estonia, Russia, Ukraine.


This is very powerful and sinister thing, full of dark energy. American Black Metal get old roots in the history of United States. Hartford, Salem, mystery of Croatoan, and many more. Actually, in past history there were large numbers of witches, warlocks, satanists who escaped from old Europe to New World avoiding inquisitional persecution.


New albums, new gigs, new art. New meaning of our lives.


Ave Veligore! \m/



Cult mongers zine

February 21, 2014

Veligore music should be played as background noise for a cult group that is preparing for a ceremony and i’m pretty damn sure that would make rituals more interesting..
What i liked about these US hordes was the infectious sounding of their blackened music. Darkthrone (Transilvanian Hunger Era) came to mind upon opening my ears for them. All the songs has a ritualistic tone on it and the not so slow and fast pacing were just perfect. Riffs were very catchy and evil/horror sounding and those were the edges that made Veligore at least stand out from the rest.. nothing much to say for vocals, bass and drums as they did their purpose very well.
Another highlight here were the Horror samples that were configured on some songs. It was not a random samples that they copied somewhere and just to fill the void, It was meant to be there to complete the songs and to strike fear to the listeners! As a result, the atmospheres were very ominous!
Horror and primitivity were the foundations of the self titled debut. I’m not saying that it’s something new, but it has a distinct sound that really belongs to Veligore. The 11 tracks were worth listening to and i’m looking forward for a new materials that Veligore will ceremoniously offer in the future..



Jan Pysander Whitney from Raw War!

Decamber 12, 2013

Veligore - Veligore

I would call this Brooklyn based band Veligores sound more like black horror metal then pure black metal due to their taste of old school horror ambience and melodies that runs right through this debut.
From the first song (also one of the best) when you encounter their "world" you will hear a kind of wandering harmonic and melodic riffing flowing in and out in search for the perfect feels. The drums follow along nicely just as the base. it feels quite nostalgic in a way.
The vocals do a good job in turning up the heat and sounds grim in the right way but sadly they use the singer in like half of the tracks! Beats me why because thats one of the ingredients that makes Veligore a little spicer so to speak... and it almost sounds like he sings in finnish or something and thats just a good thing for me cuz that gives it an extra brutal edge! Their structures is a bit "cut & paste" which dont always works out in their favor but more then often they do with their specific flavor of epic transilvanian compositions. The production is well balanced and packs some punch but could be a lot more raw but thats just my taste.
With this sound i guess they will get their share of haters as well as lovers which is quite natural, i feel engaged and entertained when they get things right like in the first four songs. i feel they will evolve quite a bit from this point onwards because i there is a heart here that lusts for more satanic blood and less cobweb i think.
I will keep my eye on them as this debut is promising in its own special way.
So if you have a hunger for some nicely smooth flowing darkness try this one out by all means.




November 13, 2013

The New Yorkers VELIGORE propagated this year their debut cd “Veligore“ in-house production to the hungry Metal folk.
You can hear Black Metal of the more melodic kind. Pitch-black Black Metal frameworks are merged with melodic parts to an independent musical mass. Thereby it is in no way about the already loads of times before heard black mishmash. The gloomy basic structures are broken-up and filled with a bit of life by variable riffs and spoken passages. The used synthesizer sounds which also might go well together with a vampire movie give the production a morbid side. Powerful drumming supports and manifests the hardness of “Veligore“. Different tempi make it additional difficult to the listener to find access to the cd. The acoustic establishing shots whereby is also massively experimented with sounds and tones give an avant-garde touch which far exceeds small excursions into unknown realms. The vocals come in rather saving. The all in all eleven songs rather act also without growls and nagging vocals and make a lasting impression on the listener. The lyrics deal with darkness and the creatures of the night. VELIGORE created therefore no easy dark opus. But, it's worth it to go on this musical journey. Very imaginative and dedicated recorded I can only recommend “Veligore“ to each receptive Black Metal listener!!!!



Underground Beast

October 8, 2013

Tell me how VELIGORE got started?

-Actually many years ago - as a desire. I was trying to bring this creature to life, but i did not have enough materials, it was just a pure idea. I was working on it for about 10 years. It was alchemic process which needed time. I was just waiting for the right time. Then in December 2012 I finally made this creature - the Veligore band. That's why first album was made in just three months, but it really took many years of thought.

How would you describe your sound? Who are your main influences?

-In my opinion - music is a ritualistic language. Contemporary people forgot about it. They use music for dancing in the bar or something like that. This is good, but this is not all. Every note has a special meaning, it can destroy or make something. In our music we try to go back into a magic mentality. That's is a reason why we have such a sound, such lyrics and riffs. Our sound is heavy gained B-scale roar, like a sound of earthquake or moving glacier.

Of course, number one influences for us is Black Sabbath and Venom. Black Sabbath gave us heavy distortion sound and riffs, and Venom - dark energy and drive.

What inspires your lyrics?

-Nature. Dark and unknown things. Another side of reality. Edgar Allan Poe, Lotreamon, Kalevala, Edda - these are the true lyrics. I think you can write lyrics for your songs when you can see some processes like a life or death manifestation. Then you will compose a poetic form for it. This is like speaking in another language, I think this is a part of old magic.

What kind of difficulties did you faced being underground band?

-At first - nobody knows that you exist! "Not bad bro, but you need to work like Metallica! Can I give you good tip about your sound?" - people say things like that. We can do what we like to do! And what we want to do! This is the reason for me to be in underground band. We have no bosses. In one hand there can be lots of problem, but on another hand - there is freedom. This is what I really like about underground: you are your own master and censor.

Did you use drum programming in your first self titled album? Are you planning to record real drums for new upcoming Albums?

-Of course we must use drum machine for first album. Sometimes I think about metal drummers like I think about about whores: no money = no sex (or drumming). We have no budget, that's why we use program drums, but we plan to use a real drummer on second album. And, of course, we want to meet OUR drummer for Veligore band.

“GLOOMY WINTER” is an badass song.Who wrote it?

-Myself and our bassplayer, Glor. It was completed in just twenty minutes: main riffs and lyrics. It was really cold day, snow was everywhere. We reminisced about our journey to the woods and we made this song.

What has been your favorite release you’ve done at this point?

-Currently we've got just one album - "Veligore", and one internet single - "Angels". They are different, but we like both. "Veligore" like a big building with dark secrets and mysteries, and "Angels" - like a lone voice from nowhere. These two are the snapshots of the moments.

What do you believe in DIY records ?

-DIY was here before major labels, and will be after their death. People every day make some DIY: cookies, sandwiches, tattoos. And music, of course. It was before these guys, who said:"All music is mine!" and have stolen everything from musicians and artists blocking information streams. DIY and social nets is the perfect choice for real musicians. But as mean guys trying to shut off the information flow we need to fight. This is like guerilla actions. DIY was, is, and will be.

Shortly, explain about your band jam?

-Any time when we can do it. Sometimes at night, sometimes early at the morning. We like it, to play music together. This is our Ritual.

Where can people check out your tunes?

-Full album here:

Finally we’re end of the show any last shoutouts?

-Hails to everybody who play, listen and love Black Metal! It was Veligore band!

Thanks for your time bro,cheers

-No brother, thank YOU!

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Black Lion Production

October 8, 2013

Band of today! Veligore (Black metal from Us)

This is the full debut album from New york Black Metal band Veligore. This band has only been in existence for a very short time about a year and this is their first recorded they made. It’s a good neat package, even if its being self-released, it has a cool underground vibe to it! if your into black metal with a bit of darker and more heavy edge check our veligore I personally really enjoy this type of raw black metal then you will like Veligore... The first track Gloomy winter, opens up strong and powerful like a gloomy day. it fast tremolo picking and distorted guitars reminds me of early Darkthrone Transilvanian Hunger , even the vocals are very good and very raw.. this is some interesting stuff I manged to locate, As I open up the second track we are blasted away by fast guitar melodies and strong pounding drums... The sound still remains a bit raw yet its very comfortable. its still continues to sound like something from the early 90's Norwegian Black metal scene! as I descend into the black river we are meet by chanting voices, a interesting start! you've got my attention, the bass and drums do a good job to build tension, as the guitars kicks in! and there we are again! the classic tremolo picking.
The bass can sometimes feel to high compared to other but it doesn't matter! still sounds good! But still proceeding into the third track werewolves dungeon, its interesting what a sweet energi the song creates fast and primal...

Over this full album has its charm! Indeed if you like old school black metal check out Veligore..



Aristocrazia webzine

September 16, 2013

I Veligore sono partiti in quarta: la formazione newyorkese composta da Glor (basso e batteria), Mike Vivisector (chitarra), Ghoul (chitarra) e Hater (voce già nota alla nostra 'zine per i suoi Beyond Ye Grave) è nata agli inizi del 2013 e dopo un paio di mesi ha già pubblicato il suo primo album dal titolo omonimo.

La proposta è ortodossa, la natura old school del loro black metal vede affondare le proprie radici in territorio scandinavo, panorama di riferimento in più di una circostanza soprattutto per quanto concerne l'utilizzo delle sezioni melodiche. L'assetto dei brani è semplice, alcune volte alquanto elementare e presenta una esagerata linearità; si preferisce puntare su un approccio diretto, scevro di sovrastrutture che in episodi come "Gloomy Winter", "Black River" e la conclusiva "Full Moon" emana un più che discreto fascino retrò. Lo stesso discorso vale per la sezione strumentale valorizzata in "Werewolf's Dungeon", che nella folta schiera di tracce prive dei versi intonati da Hater (sono ben sei in totale quelle infilate in scaletta) si rivela essere il capitolo maggiormente definito e incisivo a livello atmosferico.

Nella musica contenuta in "Veligore" non c'è nulla di veramente sorprendente, ma le canzoni che sembrano funzionare e la buona prestazione dietro al microfono, nonostante sia decisamente limitata negli spazi, ci consegnano un disco che non dovrebbe dispiacere a chiunque voglia a tutt'oggi ascoltare un album black che porti con sé ancora gli umori del periodo anni Novanta. Se proprio devo trovare un difetto, credo che la produzione avrebbe potuto ricevere un trattamento diverso, non tanto per quanto riguarda la definizione dei suoni, che risultano essere discretamente distinguibili e puliti, stranamente anche più di quanto mi attendessi data l'attitudine cruda del progetto, più che altro sono i volumi un po' "ballerini" delle chitarre che non convincono appieno. Inoltre si sarebbe potuto provare a inspessire il suono del basso, ma sono dettagli che potranno essere rifiniti in previsione di uscite future.

In fin dei conti i Veligore sono ancora allo stato larvale, non manca loro il potenziale per far bene, tuttavia hanno bisogno di tempo per affinarsi e, anche nel caso in cui continuassero volutamente a cibarsi in maniera spropositata di "cliché, sono quasi convinto che riuscirebbero a tirar fuori degli onesti lavori che l'orecchio masticherebbe con piacere. Solidi operai.



Forbidden Magazine

September 15, 2013

Brooklyn, New York’s quartet Veligore has made their presence felt with their self titled debut. 11 dark rituals, some instrumental and some with lyrical indignity, offer no mercy to those who cower before their malevolent energy.

Wasting no time, Veligore opens the ceremony with ‘Gloomy Winter’, a rather cliche title for an otherwise unique and satisfying song. The groove on ‘Werewolf’s Dungeon’ is solid and slamming, making this instrumental a worthwhile addition to the album. I enjoyed how this album was balanced, the track ‘Wastelands’ being a prime example. Another instrumental, void of pounding drums or razor-edged guitars, eerily whines and whimpers its misery, leaving the listener with the uneasy feeling of an otherworldly presence.

Where tracks like ‘Equinox’ or ‘Endless Night’ didn’t exactly grab me like the others did, ‘The Torture’ offered an atmosphere surreal, quickly enveloping my senses into this unwelcoming world that Veligore has so well created. Album closer ‘Full Moon’ leaves a lasting impression on the mind with its double bass brutality and furious guitar work.

Make it a point to hear what Veligore has created for yourself. You will not be disappointed!



Metal Crypt

August 7, 2013

This is the full-length debut from NY-based Black Metal band Veligore. This band has apparently only been in existence for a very short period of time (like, this year) and this is their first recorded work. It's a nice little package, despite being self-released, and has a cool underground look to it.

This looks more underground than it sounds, as the recording is pretty clear and sharp, and the guitar sound is uneven. On some songs, like "Carpaty" the sound is feeble, while "Werewolf's Dungeon" sounds pretty badass. The bulk of these songs seem to be instrumentals, which is not really bad, but the vocals are perfectly good, so I don't know why they didn't use them more. The riffs are OK - nothing really epochal, but they work. The songwriting is a bit thin, relying on repetition a bit too much and not really developing the musical ideas into anything enthralling. This has a feeling of a disc put together from different songwriting sources and periods, as the quality of the songs varies quite a bit. Some of them are simplistic and dull, while others show real promise. Veligore have chops, and they might make something out of themselves, but this is not an essential release or anything. Competently done but clichéd Black Metal.



Occult Black Metal Zine

JUNE 25, 2013

Veligore Interview

1. Can you give us an update on what is going on with the band these days?

Right now we are recording our second album and getting feedback on the first one. We're really enjoyed of the reaction to the first record and trying to put in more music our next one, even more then we put before. We're writing lyrics and composing guitar riffs. This process is totally natural for us, just like breathing. New impressions give the birth to new lyrics and music. New songs change the point of view. And everything is moving.

2. How would you describe the musical sound of the new album?

On the one hand - we wanted to create the maximum of heavy sound (right now we're playing in the key of B tuning). On the other hand, we wanted to have a full concept with straight lines of all instruments. We don't really wanted to go away into the noise when it's not necessary and not a part of our plans. As a result, heavy, dirty, but musically justified.

3. The song lyrics cover a lot of occult and ritualistic topics, how would you describe your views on Occultism?

Music is the one of manifestations of magic. The wire is vibrating, the magnetic field is changing, people are hearing a cry or scream. Our vision of the modern world is more medieval than the vision of others. We're believe that demons and other creatures are more powerful than other people think they are. A lot of things are happening near to us, but no one can see it, 'cause everyone is looking in any other direction. People are too confident about their well-being and safety. What if everything is not like you normally think it is (well, like you were taught to think) in your school/church/family? If you're not ready to see the occult, then you'll go crazy because of the abyss that will have opened for you. That abyss will be open for sure even though you don't want it to open. The Occultism is not a dogma. It just guides us in right direction.

4. I know that the band name came from Slavic Mythology, what is it that interested you about this deity to name a band after him?

Slavic Mythology is totally different than Western mythology because the Orthodox church did not allow citizens to explore the depths of Satan or hidden knowledge. Thereby Slavic demonology is less hurt by church ideology than Western or Catholic demonology. According to the legend, Veligore was the teacher of Satanael (later - Satan). He convinced him to left Heaven and Satan came to hate god and his creatures - people. In other words, according to this legend, Veligore is the reason of everything, the root of evil. That’s why we’re so interested in this person.

5. I have read the band has yet to do a live show, do you have any shows lined up for the future and what do you plan on bringing out performance wise in a live setting?

Right now we are busy recording. But in the future we are planing performances in right places and with the right people. We will keep our fans tuned in and we will stay in touch.

6. Currently you are unsigned, are you looking for a label or received any interest?

We would like to release our albums on some label with distribution that could help to bring our music and our ideas to those people who need them and interested. That way we can have a feedback through the part of alchemical process of musical creation. If we don’t receive the feedback then this circle isn't complete and energy won’t become action. In this case, the label and distribution are really important. That's all because of emanations from the fans to the creator.

7.The new album came out on a physical cd, what are your thoughts on the newer bands that only release music through a digital format?

The physical cd is important as an artifact and physical incarnation of the idea. Essence of substance - is a miracle of sound recording. Online releases are not an alternative to physical publishing. They are good for familiarization, or promoting. But that's only our point of view, of course.

8. On a worldwide level how has the feedback been to your music by fans of black metal?

We're satisfied by the effect. We were able to made our ideas clear and understandable. The number of our listeners are growing without any special promotion. This is not our target, this is just a symptom. We’ll keep doing what we're doing anyway.

9. What is going on with the other musical projects these days?

Everything goes. We aren't focus on our previous projects yet. It's time for something new. Old things are in the background.

10. What direction do you see your music heading into on future releases?

We want to keep experimenting with our sound. And of course with the expression of our ideas. Because that was the reason why we are doing it! We don't know exactly who we can become tomorrow.

11.What are some bands or musical styles that have influenced your newer music and also what are you listening to nowadays?

We're listening many different music with many genres. Black metal, doom, ritual music. Coven, Black Sabbath, Mercyful Fate, Venom, Tibetan Bon Singing, Sun O))), medieval music, European Black Metal like Mayhem, Watain, Darkthrone,Satyricon, Bathory, Marțolea, Svartidauði, Dødsengel, Saligia. And many more... Many of them influenced us. This is like a smelting pot inside us.

12.Outside of music what are some of your interests?

Some of us are involved in programming, some of us write poems and prose or even draw. We want to issue covers of our albums only with our art. Also we often hanging out together.

13.Any final words or thoughts before we wrap up this interview?

Among the variety of things, find the main one. Don't believe anyone and be yourself.



Occult Black Metal Zine

JUNE 22, 2013

Veligore are a band from New York that plays a very dark and evil form of occult black metal and this is a review of their self titled and self released 2013 album.

Drums range from slow, mid paced to fast drumming with some blast beats being thrown into the music at times, while the bass playing has a very strong and powerful sound with heavy riffing that dominates throughout the recording and they are the lead instrument on the album, as for the synths when they are utilized bring a very dark and ritualistic sound to the album.

Rhythm guitars range from slow, mid paced to fast occult black metal riffs that are very dark, raw and primitive sounding with the bass playing has a stronger sound, while the lead guitars are very dark and melodic sounding occult black metal guitar solos and leads.

Vocals are all grim sounding black metal screams with some spoken word ritualistic parts, while the lyrics cover darkness, satanism and occult themes, as for the production it has a very dark, raw and primitive sound while you can still hear all of the musical instruments that are present on this recording.

In my opinion Veligore are a very great sounding occult black metal band and if you are a fan of this musical genre, you should check out this album. RECOMMENDED TRACKS INCLUDE "Gloomy Winter" "Werrwolf's Dungeon" "Equinox" and "Full Moon". RECOMMENDED BUY.



The Core of Brutality

April 13, 2013

1.Can i get a backstory on the band/ band biography?

Vivisector, Hater, Glor and Ghoul have known each other by working on other projects for many years. We want to play some extreme metal for a long time ago and then we made a decision to create the Veligore band.

2. What lyrical theme do you guys use in your music? What message do you want to send?

Nature, Death, The secrets of mystical places... For example: if you go into the wild without equipment and food, you will die. Nature will look on your dead body without any emotions. Birds will continue singing, the sun and moon will rise. Are you King of the wild or nature? Of course not. Is Nature is your mother? Maybe, but she is very cruel and indifferent, but indifferent does not mean bad. It just inhuman. We can think like non-human creatures. This is our power. We can be something different.

3. How have the gigs you guys been doing been?

As the Veligore band we haven’t played any gigs ye, but we will.

4. What equipment do you guys use?

For recording we're using Blackstar amp and couple of old solidstate Fenders from 80’s. Sometimes we combine microphone recordings with some speaker simulators. Regarding our guitars, we're using upgraded Fender Strats , P Bass and vintage Gibson Explorer. Also we used drum machines and synthesizers in our songs, because it brings out the inhumanity and somnambulistic repetitiveness.

5. What bands have influenced your band and its sound?

The first influence was Black Sabbath, of course! Then there is Venom as the pioneers of trash/black metal. Now we listen to east European bands like Martolea, Behemoth and some of Norwegian bands of course. We also listen Sunn O))), classic doom bands.

6. Do you remember your first show and what was it like?

Veligore band haven’t got any shows yet.

7.What made you guys decide to form a band?

As I already told we knew each other for a long time from different projects, idea to form Veligore band always was with us, but we didn't had full environment such as name, logo, songs, texts etc. But now we have all elements for making this creature.

8.What is your opinion on sites posting your guys material and other bands material?

This is neither good nor bad. Music creation process implies three objects - creator, music and listener. If we have no listener - process is not completed. We can’t get energy, this is not full circle. If this is question about intellectual property - we against theft and piracy. But these guys helping our processes of alchemy. I mean it depends on point of view.

9.Is there any bands that you guys enjoyed playing with more then the others?

As the Veligore band we haven’t played yet as we said.

10. How do you guys feel about the classifications in metal? like deathcore, metalcore and other subgenres and how some get a negative rep.

The classification is not for musicians, its more for critics or music magazine readers. Some music doesn’t have any message except “Hey guys! Look at me and my guitar! BTW, I can jump!”

11. What song do you enjoy playing the most?

It depends on our mood. Sometimes we just like to create a drone jam.

12. When not doing things with the band, what can you guys be seen doing?

Actually often we spend our time together. Sometimes we play gigs with our other projects, travelling to other states. Also we play video games. LOL

13.Your biggest band moment?

For now the first one - when band was born. The second one - when we finished first album.

14. What is your opinion on the current state of metal?

Of course this is not 80’s, but once born it never die! More or fewer pop metal bands, more or fewer fans, but this kind of music is evergreen. A new paradigm of metal music creates new bands and styles, but anyway this is metal!

15. How did you guys come up with your band name?

It comes from slavonic mythology. According to it Veligore is teacher of main evil god. Slavonic mythology is very dark and gloomy. Cannibalistic witches who eats children, bears, wolves, shapeshifters, evil creatures, demons... A lot of food for you fantasies.

16. What can the fans expect to see from you in the future?

We've got a plan to make a movie with our soundtrack. And probably we will make a video games about monsters, blood, gore and Evil. Also we wanna make exhibition of our painting, sketches, etc. And more music, of course.



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