Veligore is Russian black metal band based in Brooklyn, NY. The band have left Russia becuase of ideological reasons. Lyrics of the band full of occult symbolism, Death, dark legends, myths of north-eastern Europe, dark rituals, and demon-worshiping cults. Band has been inspired by European black metal, and by Russian musical tradition.
Currently band has two main members - Mike Vivisector and Ivan Vivisector (Glor). Veligore has two releases: Self Titled album (2013) and Secret Cult (2015). The newest album is currently is in production.
Sound of the Veligore is defined by low B tuning and extreme distortion. The evil and ruthless singing manner of Ivan Vivisector has already been recognized by critics and brothers in arms.
Cold of the North and darkness of pine woods, long nights and endless winters have found their sound in songs and instrumental tracks of the band.


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